Australian.306,338,377,424,440,615,635,673,726,784,819,1179 - 2

says the Australian Parasite.


I love Tonya Harding, The best womens Figure Skater in history. - Australian Parasite -


The Digitised Parasite : Australian Parasite [AIH] Weiners XOR machine 1.0 (C) Australian Parasite [AIH] June 1994 Australian Parasite


Anke Huber 2 C'mon Anke Huber. Kick everyones butt on your way to claim the winners cheque The Australian Open at Flinders Park, January 18th to 31st Australia is also home to the Australian Parasite The French Open at some crap clay court in France, May 24th to June 7th France, home to the black electroid out of Buckaroo Banzai, Yannick Noah Wimbledon. A great pommy affair on a grass court, June 21st to September 4th England is home to the Queen and the birthplace of tennis The multimillion dollar ATP and Virginia Slims Championships. Only for the elite. November 15th to 29th The US open, August 30th to September 13th Hasn't Jennifer Capriati burnt out ye

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