Безобидные резидентные вирусы. Перехватывает INT 21h и записывается в конец файлов при их запуске. "Australian.AIH.591,972" заражают COM- и EXE-файлы, "Australian.AIH.588,762" поражает только COM-файлы. Содержат строки:


My Computer is myself. My siamese twin. Joined by the fingers. Its an extension of my body. Speration means death. Togertherness is power. Together I roam electronic highways and biways Going the wrong way down the one way street Against the flow we are the few Beware children, Beware There is not long to go. v0.02 by ЫШс0ч ЫчГЫK + DДчK ЯНс0ч [AIH]

"Australian.AIH.591": AIH-0


(C) 1993 AIH; Australian Institute of Hackers. Greets to PuKE, SCP and fellow Aussie viral creators You help us to keep the Australian end of the virus underground alive. I need to go to the Jon. More Coffee anyone. You Pat the rich huh, Hey man I prefer the poor. You Frigid Skilless son, of mine, won't even feel her up will ya. Lets go to the Mall and look for Fergie's son. Its a Cross between an iceberg and cow manure. January, February, March, April, you can't make a tapestry with a staple. I'm Cold and Feeble.


WIN SCAN CLEAN COMMAND Death stared the Australian Institute of Hackers in the eye and visably shook in the shadow of their power iGNORANCE IS PUSSY The digital Necronomicon Dark Fiber [AIH]:93

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