Безобидный резидентный вирус. Перехватывает INT 21h и записывается в конец COM-файлов при их запуске. Содержит строки:

COMIC RELIEF VIRUS 1 Politically Correct Virus Never calls itself a 'virus,' but instead refers to itself as an 'electronic microorganism.' Infected machines stop working and display 'computationally challenged.' Government Economist Virus Nothing works but diagnostic software reports is everything is fine. Federal Bureaucrat Virus Divides the hard disk into hundreds of little units, each of which does nothing at all, but claims to be the most important. Federal Budget Virus Attempts to allocate non-existent memory to programs. When detected it passes control to the IRS virus. IRS Virus Immediatley locks up the system and siezes control of your assets. Kervorkian Virus Helps you computer shut down whenever it wants to. Paul Revere Virus This virus warns you of an attack, Once by LAN, twice if by C.

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